The Quilting Solution
SideSaddlePro™ takes over and does the work for you, directing the machine for perfect quilting patterns every time.
The SideSaddle's™ independent carriage and simple docking system make it easily compatible with any longarm machine for perfect quilting at an affordable price. The carriage disconnects in seconds so you can return to free motion quilting at any time.

The Quilting Solution, Inc.
277 Devil Track Road
Taylorsville, NC 28681
  • Comes with a Windows8 netbook computer that "rides" along with your machine. SideSaddle software is pre-loaded and comes with 170 patterns.
  • The SideSaddle™ software has been custom designed to be truly user friendly.
  • Simple, logical commands get you where you need to be fast.
  • Easy keyboard shortcuts make controlling the SideSaddle™ even simpler.
  • Locating the computer screen and controls at the sewing head not only speeds quilt layout, but reduces eye strain and footwork necessary with separated computer systems.
  • With SideSaddle™, simply pick your pattern and use the powerful software features to modify the pattern to fit your quilt.
  • You can easily adjust size, scale, flip and/or rotate the pattern to your quilting space.
  • If your blocks are not perfectly square, the "Fit to Space" feature will match the pattern to the shape of the block or border.
  • Your quilting pattern always will display on the screen with the completed sections changing color as SideSaddle™ progresses on your quilt.
  • Start and stop points are clearly marked so there is no confusion as to where your SideSaddle™ is headed!
Independent Carriage
Quilting System 


EASY to Use? You can actually download the latest Software to see!