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The Affordable Longarm Quilting System!
The Homesteader is a unique machine that combines the ease of use of a home sewing machine with the features of a commercial quilting machine. Simple threading and tension adjustments make the Homesteader easy to use. Movement and throat space are the key components of a successful quilting system. The Quilting Solution gives you both of these features and more at an affordable price.
Homesteader 22
Our 22" throat machine allows for a 20" of quilting space, enough to do a 12" block on point. Comes standard with the new King Frame and Intellistitch stitch regulator.


   plus $225 shipping and handling
Complete System
  • Homesteader™ 22" Machine
  • SideSaddle™Pro
             (Computerized Quilting)
  • 12' King Size  Frame
  • Intellistitch Stitch Regulator

   $13,695.00                                                                             plus $325 shipping and handling
The Quilting Solution, Inc.
277 Devil Track Road
Taylorsville, NC 28681

  • Bright LED light over work area
  • Large M bobbin and stand alone bobbin winder
  • Uses standard sewing machine needles
  • Easily customizable frame lengths
  • Edgerider wheels and track
  • Lightweight 22-inch machines
  • Optionial rear handles with Laser Pointer
  • NEW two-pole extruded aluminum Frame makes loading your quilt simple, quick and easy

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