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The Homesteader 22 inch quilting machines are the only truly "affordable" longarm quilting systems available.
The SideSaddle™Pro computer control system works flawlessly with the Homesteader machine and many other longarm systems.
A quality built Quilting Machine at an affordable price.  © 2012 The Quilting Solution.  All rights reserved.
Our system makes quality quilting available to everyone.  With a longarm quilting system and thousands of compatible quilting designs available, you can quilt like a pro from day one. An easy to understand quilter designed interface assures you the design control you expect.     (Select for more info and pricing)
A lightweight machine combined with Edgerider wheels and track give the Homesteader extruded aluminum frame the smoothest, most accurate movement in the industry. The only affordable longarm with a large "M" bobbin. (Select for more info and pricing)